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WMI Browser enables remote access to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) data from Android devices without the installation of any host side components on Windows computers. No untrusted code (backdoor, vulnerability) has to be on Windows systems in order for WMI Browser to work, minimizing security exposure and attack surface.

Note that some configuration changes might be required on Windows systems for WMI Browser to connect successfully. Configuration details are described here.

To connect to a Windows system fill in the computer name and access credentials in the start-up dialog.

Server login

Server Login

For performance reasons, rarely used WMI classes are filtered out by default. These filters can be disabled though.

WMI Browser uses a generic explorer-like approach to access WMI information. Starting with the WMI root namespace, users can drill down into contained namespaces to browse through child namespaces and classes. When drilling down into a class, all instances for the selected class are shown and for each instance a detail view can be opened, showing the instance's property names and values.

Namespaces and classes




Object detail view



For easy navigation, each view implements full text search capability.


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