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View status of Windows services and start / stop / pause services from iOS devices.

Service Control enables remote control of Windows services as well as service property inspection from iOS devices without the installation of host-side components on Windows computers. No untrusted code (backdoor, vulnerability) has to be placed on Windows systems in order for Service Control to work, minimizing security exposure and attack surface.
Note that some configuration changes might be required on Windows systems for Service Control to connect successfully. Configuration details are described here.
Service Control retrieves a list of all active services (i.e. services in non-disabled state) on the target Windows system and presents the services by display name in a table according to their state (running, stopped, paused). Depending on the number of active services on the target system, retrieving the service list might take a considerable amount of time.

Service List

To change the state of a service, swipe left on the service name to reveal a set of buttons depending on the service state:

 Running service:
Stopped service:
Paused service:
Service Actions
To inspect a service's properties, tap onto the service name.

Service Details
For easy navigation, the service list as well as the property view provide full text search capability as well as refresh by pulling down the table view.

Service Search